Protection and Security of your data are very important to us. We process your data only as allowed by applicable laws, in particular by the GDPR (DSGVO). Your personal data stored by us is protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures and is processed according to well-defined procedures.

This privacy policy pertains to this website in particular. If you maintain business or other relations (e.g. via a contract) with us beyond your visit to this website now or in the future, there are further policies, which we will provide or have provided accordingly.

This website is operated by (responsible regarding the GDPR):

Mag. Dr. Andreas Krassnigg

Neupauerweg 83

8052 Graz


Tel: +43 650 2138450

Email: andreas@booming.domains

Our website's address is: https://www.boomingdomains.com

How to contact us

We provide extensive information about data protection on our website. Questions about our privacy policy beyond this website's are answered in documents available in connection with further interaction, like contracts with us. Should you have even further questions regarding the topic of data protection, you can reach us at andreas@booming.domains.

While the person responsible according to the GDPR is identified at the beginning of this policy, it is possible that somebody else is the contact person for issues regarding data protection. Still, you'll always reach the contact person at the email address just provided in the above paragraph.

Your rights regarding your personal data

In principle, you are entitled to information about, correction of, deletion of, restriction of, and transferability of the personal data we process about you. In addition, you have the right to object to or revoke permission for our processing your personal data. Should you believe that our processing of your personal data violates the GDPR or that your data protection claims have been violated in any way, you can contact us directly or file a complaint with the proper authorities. In Austria, this is the Austrian Data Protection Authority.

If you have an account for our website or have written comments on our website, you can request an export of your personal data. In addition, you can request the deletion of all your personal data stored by us. This does not apply to data which we must retain for administrative, legal, or security reasons.

Who we share your personal data with

We do not share your personal data with third parties, except when required by law, contractual agreements, or in the course of processes demanded by proper authorities.

For how long we store your personal data

When you write a comment on our website, it is stored indefinitely, including metadata. In this way, we can, e.g., recognize and approve follow-up comments automatically instead of containing them in a moderation queue. In addition, we like to have helpful information provided by your comment available on our website for as long as possible.

For visitors who register as users on our website, we store additional personal information, which they provide in their user profiles. All users can view, change, or delete their personal information at any time themselves (the username cannot be changed, however). This kind of information is also available to Administrators of our website, who can also change or delete it. This helps to ensure a safe and secure operation of our website.

Where we send your personal data

In general, we process your personal data, if at all, on servers, computers or other machines used by us inside the European Union. Some services or social networks, however, have their addresses outside the European Union. Such services are listed in this policy. For example, comments written by users on our website may be checked or screened by an external service in order to reduce spam.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed in the future if made necessary by structural, content, or other changes to this website, or elsewhere.

Children as visitors of our website

We would like to alert parents and legal guardians of underage persons and children in particular about the importance of making their children aware of ways to use the internet responsibly and carefully, and how to use and not to use or provide personal data to websites, respond to emails, and the like. We hereby request explicitly that underage visitors of our website ask their parents or legal guardians for guidance with, or advice or permission to, providing their personal data to our website in any way before they do so.

Types of personal data that we collect and why we collect the data

Sensitive personal data according to the GDPR

We do not collect sensitive personal data on this website.

Comments on the website

When visitors write comments on our website, we collect the data provided and shown in the comment form. In addition, we collect the visitor's IP address and user-agent string (with which the user's browser is identified), in order to support the detection of spam.

Contact forms on our website

When visitors use and submit a contact form on our website, we collect the data provided and displayed in the form in order to process and respond to the inquiry made by the visitor. The data are stored and processed internally only for the purposes of, e.g., follow-up requests or questions, the preparation of offers requested by the visitor, in order to provide services requested by the visitor, for the duration of 6 months after the original form submission, and are deleted thereafter. If the initial inquiry results in further steps like, e.g., contracts, services, or offers, the respective retention periods for those cases apply, and the data will be processed and stored for the appropriate time periods specified in connection with the relevant contract, service, or offer, for legal, administrative, or other reasons.

We do not use data provided in the contact form for the unsolicited distribution of newsletters, advertisements, or similar messages. Please note that fields in the contact form may be optional.


You can block the use of cookies in your browser completely by setting the corresponding preferences in your browser about privacy. However, please consider that blocking cookies can restrict or disable certain functions of our website and external services.

Analytics (e.g., Google Analytics)

We use a tool called "Google Analytics" in order to collect information about visitors of our website and their behavior on our website. Most of this data is not considered personal data. For example, Google Analytics collects information about how often visitors visit the website, which pages they visit, or which pages they visited before visiting our website.

We use the information we get from Google Analytics exclusively to improve our website and the experience for our visitors. We employ Google Analytics with the setting "anonymizeIP", which means that Google Analytics stores only an anonymized version of the IP address assigned to you at the time of your visit in addition to the non-personal data that describe your interaction with our website. Neither Google Analytics nor we store your name or other information by which you could be personally identified, nor are the data collected by Google Analytics combined with other data by which you could be personally identified. While Google Analytics sets a permanent cookie in your browser in order to identify you as a recurring visitor on subsequent visits to our website, this cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. The terms and conditions under which Google processes and uses information collected on our website are governed by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

By visiting our website you agree to the processing of data as just described by Google and for the purpose given above. 

You can block Google Analytics from recognizing you during recurring visits to our website by deactivating cookies in your browser completely. As an alternative, you can also block cookies individually. There may exist browser plugins which help you do this for specific browsers and analytics services. Please note that you have to deactivate cookies separately on each of your devices used for web browsing.

Further Information

Data from third parties

We do not receive any personal data from third parties.

Profiling and automated decisions

We do not perform automated decisions and/or profiling based on user or visitor data.